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Villa Positano

Viale Pasitea, 122

84017 Positano - Italy

TEL: +39 328 376 2773 - +39 328 951 2668






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Viale Pasitea, 122 - 84017 Positano - Italy

Positamy has a strategic position in center of Positano.

We are located in a private park, climbing a path of 171 steps which allows it to have, from the suites, the balcony and big terrace solarium, a fantastic and unique view of the sea of ​​Positano and the city.

You will not need a car to stay in Positamy because you are always in the center, 200 meters from the Grande beach and the port and 300 meters from the Fornillo beach. On foot, in a short time, you can reach the beaches, shops for shopping, minimarkets, the Roman Archaeological Museum (MAR), the church of S. Maria dell’Assunta, etc. ..

Right at the entrance to the park, very comfortable, there are the internal bus stop Positano and taxis for each destination. If you arrive by car, you can park it in the nearby and numerous private paid parking lots (for example Russo parking and Mandara parking).

Welcome to Positamy, where beauty and relaxation blend with the landscape and nature.

Hosting has always been my passion and finally, after updating my entire home, I can make my dream come true. I love nature and art and everything that is harmony of form and beauty.

Private park, very private and quiet, very close to all the main attractions, restaurants, pastry shops, bars and shops for shopping.