We take sustainability, the circular economy very seriously. We have always been supporters of the need to reduce our ecological footprint and no matter how small our step towards climate neutrality or how arduous it may be, we are determined to achieve it!

We want to preserve the beauty and richness of our territories, so that future generations can also enjoy the divine Positano, its pristine beaches, or a walk on the Path of the Gods, or enjoy the scent and flavor of the lemons of the Amalfi Coast…

So, we got to work and started a detailed review process of all the elements of our home and one by one we are trying to make them as green as possible and we are committed to making your stay pleasant by reducing your ecological footprint without compromising your comfort!.

Furthermore, We are proud to have partnered with Sustonica to make our home more environmentally-friendly and to certify our efforts and make everything credible and encourage us to do better and better